Product Spotlight: Easy Green


Why Easy Green Right Now

Wigs are rising from their taboo cocoons into the full limelight of viral sensation. (Thank you, Beyoncé.)

And lace front wigs, once a Hollywood novelty and celebrity luxury, are now having a moment that can be summed up in four words. Instagram. YouTube. Twitter. Facebook.

For the data junkies out there, here’s what the lace wig’s rise looks like when tracking Google searches.

Lace front wigs are trending. And it’s not just line graphs that show it. Their boost in popularity fascinates major publications like Allure, Vogue, and the BBC.

Instagram influencers, YouTube personalities, you name it: wigs are now for accessorizing, for making a statement. And lace wigs give such a lifelike look and feel, the statements they make are admired and taken seriously. Coincidentally, even the natural hair movement allies with lace wigs. People love being able to accessorize temporarily without any long-term consequences to their natural hair nestled safely underneath.

Regardless of reasons why, however, we at Walker Tape know who this matters to the most: you. Since lace-based wigs are sending more and more customers to your salons, you need the best lace-safe products for the job. And more than ever before, you need lots of them now!

For years, our most beloved tape for fragile lace systems has been Lace Front Support (Blue). The combination of its famous dull finish, strong hold, and gentle wear on lace has earned the trust of stylists and their clients alike. Bottom line, Blue is a great tape.

But even the greatest tapes can be made even greater. And if it guarantees an even more reliable tape in your hands, why wouldn’t we want to improve on our best? So, we set out to do just that.

Understanding your rising demand for lace installs, we wanted a tape that could help make your whole lace process even easier. Starting as a pet project, and in development for years, the breakthrough came in the form of Easy Green.

What Makes Easy Green So Easy for You and Your Clients

Easy Green’s stiff carrier is a game changer.

Much more forgiving than other lace tape options, Easy Green will not stretch if your fingers or scissors accidentally stick to it during application. With a stiff backing, it can withstand occasional mistakes that often spell ruin for most lace tapes. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that with Easy Green the pressure that comes with working with these fragile systems is dialed down significantly.

Plus, the stiff carrier ensures that the tape removes in one solid piece. With Easy Green, you can wave goodbye to residue bleeding into a system. Such smooth removals make cleanup so much easier and, just as importantly, minimizes damage to the vulnerable lace.

Of course, though, you also must consider if the tape will work for your clients. And we understand how they can have reservations about changing familiar install methods. After all, if they’re most comfortable using Blue, why switch it up?

Well, Easy Green comes with all the same comforts that they love about Blue, while adding a few more of its own for good measure. For your clients who enjoy Blue’s odorless and bacteria-resistant features, Easy Green is every bit as odorless, bacteria-resistant, and hypoallergenic. For your clients who enjoy how well Blue works with their lace systems, Easy Green is specially designed to work with lace even more effectively.

And for your clients who enjoy a good meme now and then, tell them about the lesser-known Broadway musical Annie Get Your Green, especially about the part when the stylist sings, “Anything Blue can do, Green can do better; Green can do anything better than Blue!”

What Makes Easy Green So Green for You and Your Clients

Technically, it’s the liner’s color. But metaphorically . . .

Think Money

Normally, we have to prioritize quality over price. Yes, something may be more expensive, but the higher quality makes for a better investment over the long term. Again, normally.

Easy Green, however, is the rare exception to the rule. It’s both the higher quality option and more cost-effective than Blue, making Easy Green the more budget-friendly solution.

Think Hulk

Easy Green matches the rippling strength of Blue, holding strong for two to three weeks.

Think New

Simply that, Easy Green is our newest Maximum Wear lace-safe tape.

Think Natural Look

It’s almost impossible to hear the word green without also thinking of the word natural. (Thank you, marketing campaigns and trees.)

But when you hear Easy Green, think natural look. It’s made with the dullest finish that we have ever come up with, making Easy Green our most trustworthy tape for lace units.

Think Money, Again (or Environment)

What makes delicate lace systems tricky is that they are made of delicate lace. These systems have the interesting design problem of being both slightly more expensive and more prone to damage. Their fragile nature gives them the most lifelike appearance of other wig types, but that same fragile nature also gives them a shorter lifespan.

Since Easy Green doesn’t bleed into the unit, it requires less cleaning product upon removal and causes the least amount of wear on the lace. So Easy Green will make each wig’s lifespan longer and make your cleaning product last a lot longer too.

You’ll be able to sell Easy Green as a more environmentally friendly option and save more money doing so.

For both you and your client, Easy Green’s easily a win-win.

Compared to Lace Front Support (Blue), Easy Green More Than Just Holds Up

Products that Pair Best with Easy Green


Bond Breaker: a must before an install and after removal. Impressively effective, Bond Breaker is a shampoo that removes any residual stickiness or oils. And it gets the hair incredibly clean, ready for each new install. Whether you’re working with full hair systems or extensions, Bond Breaker will work for you.

After a refreshing wash with Bond Breaker, apply Max Hold Sport to the scalp. This will protect the scalp from irritation; increase hold times; protect against sweat, oils, and humidity; and allow your client to work out or shower right after install without compromising hold times or strength.


C-22 is the #1 adhesive remover we make. Not only is it gentle on skin, but it works fast. Stylists love how easy C-22 is to rinse with soap and water. And you’ll quickly smell why so many enjoy the zesty freshness of C-22’s citrus oil base.

If you’re looking for something with less oily residue, Action is a great option. It is alcohol-based and is the fastest skin-safe solvent we produce. Action cuts through adhesive quickly and leaves very little oily residue.

And No Trace is a great non-oily remover for hair extensions. Available in 4 oz spray and 4 oz drip-top sizes, No Trace acts fast, releasing tape from each extension.

While You’re Looking at Exciting New Maximum Wear Tapes

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