Product Spotlight: Extension Prep Shampoo


The most important part of preparing for hair extension installation is cleaning your client’s natural hair thoroughly. Without a thorough cleaning of the hair, residue and oils can prevent the hold times your client is looking for. Extension Prep Shampoo is not a daily shampoo and is much stronger than most. It gives you a better clean without leaving any of the residue that other shampoos leave behind. This makes it the perfect product to use before an install to prepare the hair and after removal to clean any residue left behind.

Extension Prep Shampoo does three important things in one step:

  • Breaks down adhesive and solvent residues
  • Cleans the hair
  • Exfoliates

Make this the first step before every install to save a lot of time and money in your salon. As a bonus, you’ll have happier clients because they’ll be more likely to get the hold times they’re looking for.

Other products that you and your clients will love:

C-22 Solvent is oil based and skin-safe. You and your clients will love how quickly is works for removing extensions. After use, wash the hair with Extension Prep Shampoo to remove the oily residue.

Leave-in Conditioner moisturizes and detangles hair to keep it looking healthy and strong. You and your clients will love how easy it is to use and great it makes your hair feel.

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