Product Spotlight: Lace Front Tape


Not everyone who wants hair extensions is looking for long term hold. Have you had clients who wanted to be able to add extensions for an event or a weekend and didn’t want to deal with the daily hassle of clip-ins? Lace Front Support tape tabs are a great solution. Lace front is very low residue and is made for a 1-3 weeks hold. Because it’s low residue, it’s a great option even if you’re just looking to keep them in for a day or two. This tape is also nice for a client who is wanting to try extensions but is worried about having them in for too long. This give them the flexibility to take them in and out when desired without making a commitment to long-term wear. Lace Front is also the dullest finish tape in the industry so it won’t shine through the hair, making it pretty close to impossible for anyone to be able to notice your tape. This is also a very flexible tape which helps it to move with you, making it very comfortable to wear. Let’s Recap:

People Love Lace Front Because:

  • It can hold between 1 day and 3 weeks with easy removal.
  • It’s low residue making it quick and easy to remove and clean-up.
  • It has a very dull finish and won’t shine through the hair.
  • It’s very flexible, making it very comfortable to wear.

The Best Products to Use with Lace Front Are:

Extension Prep Shampoo is the most important step in preparing your hair for extensions. It removes oils and adhesives and it exfoliates.

Extension Release is our most popular remover. It’s famous for working very fast and leaving very little residue.

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