Product Spotlight: Leave-In Conditioner


Our Leave-In Conditioner is your go-to product for soft, silky hair. Leave-in conditioners are like normal conditioners and make your hair softer and shinier, but you can use them as needed without having to rinse the product out. This is Diane (our president’s) favorite product we offer and she’s not alone. People love it for the way it makes their hair look and feel.

This product is not exclusively for hair extensions. It is formulated to work on hair extensions, hair units, and natural hair. It’s also color safe so you can use it without fear. It’s designed to moisturize and detangle so it’s a great product to use while brushing and styling your hair, as well as on-the-go to keep your hair soft and shiny throughout the day. And, if you have flyaways, simply spray our Leave-In Conditioner on your hand and smooth it on your hair to tame them.

This product is also formulated to prolong the life of your hair extensions by keeping the hair healthy and moisturized. So when you use it, it’s not only making your extensions and natural hair look and feel better on the surface, it’s also keeping hair strands healthy from the inside out!

Here’s a quick summary…

Reasons People Love Hair Extension Tape’s Leave-In Conditioner

  • Prolongs the life of extensions and hair units
  • Keeps natural hair healthy
  • Leaves hair feeling soft and smooth
  • Leaves hair looking shiny and healthy
  • It’s color safe

Leave-In Conditioner Uses:

  • Tames flyaways
  • Detangles hair
  • Leaves hair soft and shiny

Our Leave-In Conditioner is safe to use with any of our other Hair Extension Tape products. It will not affect the hold time of your extensions and will actually help them stay healthy longer. This is an easy way to help you maintain your extensions so you can reuse your wefts and ensure that you’re getting the most you can out of your investment.

Here’s what our partners have to say about our Leave-In Conditioner…

This is Diane Bonham, President

This is Shane Stott, CEO

Ready to try out our Leave-In Conditioner? Check it out here. As always, if you have questions or comments, contact us at any time.

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