Product Spotlight: Max Hold Sport


As we’ve discussed on our blog many times… preparation truly is key for getting the hold times you and your clients are looking for. The preparation products we make increase hold times, reduce irritation, and make wearing a wig more pleasant for your clients. In particular, one thing that can be frustrating after an install, especially for active clients, is needing to wait 24 hours after service to shower or workout. Max Hold Sport solves this problem. It allows your client to get active right after their install and still get an even longer hold time than they’re used to.

With Max Hold Sport, your scalp is protected from irritation as it creates a barrier between your scalp and the wig. Additionally, this barrier helps to protect the bond of your adhesive, increasing hold times for those who live in humidity, spend time in the water, or are very active. You no longer have to sacrifice your hairstyle for your lifestyle or vice verse.

Let’s recap:

  • People Love Max Hold Sport Because:
  • It’s quick and easy to use
  • You can shower immediately after install if desired
  • It protects the adhesive bond from oils, sweat, water, and humidity
  • Hold times are increase
  • It protects the scalp from irritation

Max Hold Sport is Great for:

  • Athletes or anyone who is very active
  • People living in humidity
  • Individuals with oily skin
  • Those who sweat often

How to Use Max Hold Sport:

  • Use rubbing alcohol to clean the skin where you will apply the adhesive.
  • Apply Max Hold Sport to the area.
  • Let dry until it’s no longer tacky.
  • Apply your adhesive over the area and secure the unit.

Other Products to Use with Max Hold Sport:

Bond Breaker Shampoo: The first step in preparation. Wash the scalp with this shampoo before installation to clean, exfoliate, and remove residue.

Just-Rite Positioning Spray: Your installation insurance policy. Simply spray this over your adhesive before applying the hair unit to delay the bond of the adhesive and get the perfect placement every time.

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