Product Spotlight: Natural Hold Tape


Natural Hold is new to our product lineup. Even in the relatively short time we’ve had it, it’s made a huge impact with our customers. This has quickly become a favorite in the Hair Extension Tape lineup. This daily wear extension tape is comparable to Hot Heads©. It is specifically designed for lighter weight extensions and may fail on heavier extensions. It is low-residue so you can use it for as short as 1-7 days, but it will hold for up to 4-5+ weeks. The liner is brown, but the actual tape is clear.


Standard Hold (3-4+ Weeks). Although it’s classified as a standard hold because of the ease of removal after even a short time of wear, this is one of the longest holding tapes we offer for lighter weight extensions.

Available Sizes

  • Tape Tabs: 1 & 9/16? x 5/16?(10 sheets, 12 tabs per sheet, 120 tabs total)
  • Rolls: 1/4? x 6 yds, 1/3? x 6 yds, 3/8? x 6 yds

Other Products We Recommend

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