Product Spotlight: No-Shine


No Shine Tape originally started in our Walker Tape line for wigs and hair pieces. After moving into the hair extension market, we realized that many people were looking for the features of No-Shine for hair extensions as well. This is our best all-around tape.

Here are some reasons people love it:

-It’s hypoallergenic

-It holds strong for 5-6 weeks

-It leaves minimal residue upon removal

-It has a dull finish so it won’t shine through your hair

-It’s flexible, making it move with your hairstyle, meaning it’s comfortable to wear and sleep on

Stylists like no-shine because it’s easy to work with. It’s available in tape-tabs which are pre-cut to the size of the standard hair extension weft, making it incredibly easy to work with. You don’t have to worry about sticky scissors or accidentally cutting the weft while cutting tape to the correct size. They have a liner on one side so you can prepare your extensions before an appointment and simply peel the liner off when you’re ready for install. It’s also available in rolls for those times when you need to cut the tape to the size you need.

Products that work best with No-Shine:

Before installation, and after removal, we recommend using Extension Prep Shampoo. This cleans the hair more intensely than a regular shampoo. Because it removes more residue and oils, it gives you longer hold times.

For removal, we recommend using Extension Release. This solvent is alcohol based so it doesn’t leave residue or excess oil.


Here’s what people have to say about No-Shine:

“Very good tape and also makes my work easier and efficient” – Melissa

“They work! These are nice, flexible tabs and work perfectly for my needs.” –Trish

To try No-shine for yourself, order online or over the phone. Not a customer of ours yet? Sign up here for access to all of our products as well as new releases and freebies.


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