Product Spotlight: No Trace Remover


Let’s start off by saying we are so excited about this product. We’ve been in the hair replacement business for decades and are constantly working on new product innovations. It’s safe to say that we’ve handled almost every remover product on the market. So when we say that No Trace is one of the best removers we’ve ever seen, it’s a big deal. This is our newest product here at Hair Extension Tape. It’s only been available since the beginning of this year, but the response has been incredible. Many of our customers have already added this to their lineup, wondering ‘where has this been all my life?!’. Here’s all the information you need to know before giving it a try.

This is a very unique remover. It works incredibly fast and cleans up incredibly easy by combining some unique elements. It uses the power of citrus oils, similar to C-22 and other citrus based removers. However, it does not leave a large amount of oily residue behind like most citrus based removers. That saves you a ton of clean-up time as a stylist. To make this possible, it contains an element found in pine trees called Terpene. It’s a natural substance that gives this remover the ability to remove quickly and completely while leaving little oily residue. In case the thought of combining citrus and pine scents on your hair doesn’t sound appealing, have no fear. We’ve added a gentle, fresh powder scent. Basically, No Trace gives you all of the benefits of a citrus based remover without the oily residue and without the smell. What more could you ask for?

If you have anything to do with hair extensions, you need this in your kit. It’s like we’ve combined your favorite parts of our other removers. The quick and thorough power of C-22 with the ease of cleanup of Extension Release made even better with a fresh scent. We’re offering it in both a 4oz spray and a 4oz drip-top. Let’s review the basics:

Why are people loving No Trace?

  • It works FAST
  • It removes stickiness completely
  • It leaves very little oily residue
  • It smells great

What sizes are available?

  • 4oz Spray
  • 4oz Drip-Top

How do you use it?

Simply apply No Trace over the area you want to remove. Wait for only 10 seconds then begin working the bond loose. Apply more solution if needed.

What other products do we recommend for use with No Trace?

Extension Prep Shampoo is a must after removal. It is a very powerful shampoo that removes any leftover stickiness or oily residue. This product gets the hair incredibly clean and ready for a new install. Don’t install tape-in extensions without it!

Here at Hair Extension Tape we guarantee all of our products. If you’re not totally satisfied with any product in our catalog, we’ll give you your money back*. That means you can try No Trace risk free. So what are you waiting for?! If you’re a customer, place your order in our online store here. If you’re not yet a wholesale customer at Hair Extension Tape, why not? You get the best products in the industry at wholesale prices. Save money on the bottom line for your business and become a wholesale customer today in less than one minute here.

*For domestic customers, on catalog prices only. Refunds in credit after 90 days.

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