Product Spotlight: Ultra Hold Tape


Ultra Hold started as an adhesive for wigs and toupees. It quickly became our number one selling hair system adhesive so we made it into a tape that also quickly rose to the top seller list. We added it to our hair extension line to give our hair extension customers the amazing benefits of Ultra Hold in convenient tape tabs.

These are the longest holding tape tabs we offer, with a 4-6 week hold time. As tempting as it may be to leave them in longer, it’s definitely important to get maintenance done after wearing them for no longer than 6 weeks. Be sure your clients schedule a follow-up appointment at install to get their extensions moved up. You don’t want to deal with excessively grown out extensions, especially with such a strong tape. Because of the impressive strength of the tape, it’s able to reliably hold in heavy hair extensions and wefts. This is perfect for your clients wanting very long or thick extensions. This tape has an extremely dull finish so it won’t show through the hair at all. It’s also very tacky, making it bond quickly and firmly to the hair. However, it’s also very flexible, making it very comfortable to wear.

Ultra Hold is made with an acrylic adhesive. Because it’s so strong, you’ll need a stronger remover. We recommend using C-22 Solvent. C-22 is the number one selling remover in our wig and toupee line and has been touted as the best skin safe remover in the world. It’s gentle on skin and will remove Ultra Hold much more quickly than our other removers. It is citrus based so it has a nice smell. The only possible downside is that it is oily. This means you’ll need to wash it out with a good shampoo after removal.

We recommend using Extension Prep which will remove the oil and adhesive and will also exfoliate. After using Extension Prep, the hair is ready for reinstallation. If you’re not interested in an oily remover, you can always use Extension Release which is the top selling remover in the hair extension line for tapes like Pro-Flex II and Duo-Pro. It will work much slower than C-22, but will not leave oil in the hair. Ultimately it comes down to the personal preference of each stylist.

People love Ultra Hold because:

  • It has a 4-6 week hold time
  • It’s strong enough to hold in heavy hair extensions and wefts
  • It has a dull finish and won’t shine through hair
  • It’s very tacky
  • It’s flexible and comfortable

The best products to use with Ultra Hold are:

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