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Hair System Tapes


The tapes below cover the spectrum of hold times your clients may want from all three of our tape categories. These include Daily Wear, Extended Wear, and Maximum Wear options. With the exception of Walker Signature Tape, all of them are tested as hypoallergenic. That said, our Walker Signature Tape wears so comfortably using less adhesive than any other long-term tape on the market. So, in the end, all of these choices put your client’s comfort first.


They’re all great choices for any system under the sun. That includes the most basic models to the ever-popular lace front choices to full-on delicate mesh systems. They also support your salon’s reputation of offering reliable holds, while being easier to remove then competing brands.


Natural Hold


Natural Hold has a lot of exciting performance perks. For one, it gives your client’s skin a comfortable, hypoallergenic bond. Secondly, you can suggest it confidently, regardless of the hair system involved. It works great on all options from mesh to poly to combinations of both. Then there’s also the fact that it provides the strongest, most secure hold of all our Daily Wear tapes.


On top of all these benefits, Natural Hold is also a dream to remove when it comes time for your client to return to your chair. It leaves behind the least amount of adhesive residue of any of the tapes on this list in fact. In addition, Natural Hold also is made to remove conveniently in one piece.


Lace Front Thin


It’s clear that this tape’s thicker cousin, Lace Front, gets most of the attention. But Lace Front Thin is also likely to rise in popularity as more and more focus goes to making the hairline look amazing. 


Lace Front Thin offers your client a hypoallergenic Extended Wear tape that’s dull enough for any system out there. In fact, it offers your clients the most natural-looking hairline achievable! This is due to both its dullness and its thinness. Case in point, Lace Front Thin is the thinnest tape that we make.




Despite its name, No-Shine is a real standout among our Maximum Wear tapes. Its dull performance makes it ideal for mesh and poly systems alike. No-Shine is also our very strongest hypoallergenic option, lasting anywhere between two to four weeks. Sometimes even more! 


As with any long-lasting tape, it does leave behind some residue. But No-Shine is slightly easier to work with in comparison to other tapes that offer comparable hold times. We’ve found a way to make it so it’s a bit easier to clean up than other Maximum Wear choices.


Walker Signature Tape


Speaking of a Maximum Wear tape that’s also easier to clean up, we offer Walker Signature Tape. It’s like No-Shine in that its cleaner performance makes it something of an anomaly among long-holding tapes. This is mainly due to the simple fact that Walker Signature Tape is nearly twice as thin as most Maximum Wear tapes. Yet, it’s still strong enough to last 4+ weeks!


Since it depends on far less adhesive to do the job, there’s that much less adhesive you have to deal with in cleanup. Its dullness also makes it a great choice for any system out there.


Liquid Adhesives and Hard Bonds


Beside our tapes, we offer other exciting adhesives to support whichever methods you and your clients prefer to stick to. The following liquid adhesive and hard bond adhesive build on the strengths you can expect from Walker Tape products when it comes to performance.


Extreme Hold


Extreme Hold is our strongest silicone-based liquid adhesive, and we mean strong! You can count on a four-week hold or more. Like how Ultra Hold changed the acrylic adhesive market, we expect Extreme Hold to do the same with silicone-based options. 


It’s both easy to apply and remove gently. Plus, Extreme Hold is much less stringy than most liquid adhesives out there.




Hard bonds are great for trickier clients that have a hard time holding a bond, and Sure-Stick is a great example of that. It offers a phenomenally secure hold for three to five weeks. But we’ve also made it with a unique lid construction that gives it a longer storage life. Like their name, hard bonds keep hardening over time. But with Sure-Stick, you’re sure to have a track-bonding option that lasts as long as possible in your salon.


Adhesive Remover


While our C-22 Solvent is a recognized industry gem, we have been tinkering with our classic!


Walker Signature Remover


If you like C-22, then you’ll love Walker Signature Remover. Similarly, it features a pleasantly mild citrus fragrance. But it’s also tested as medical grade safe for your clients with sensitive skin. In fact, Walker Signature Remover is our very fastest sensitive-skin remover. 


Other benefits include how easily it rinses out of systems and your client’s bio hair with our Bond Breaker Shampoo. Oh, and it’s also organic!


System Care, Prep, and Tools


Now for the essential products supporting a great salon experience for both your stylists and their clients!


Leave-In Conditioner


Our Leave-In Conditioner can give your client’s system some extra life and freshness. It’s color safe on all system types and on all bio hair. It works to rejuvenate hair systems and sends your client out the door with a healthier look and feel. It can also be used to ensure that your client’s additional systems store optimally between appointments!


Just-Rite Positioning Spray


We made this to be every stylist’s insurance policy for each install. It offers everyone working in your salon a safeguard against even the slightest mistakes. With Just-Rite Positing Spray, placing hair systems perfectly has become easier than ever!


Sponge Brushes


Sponge brushes have a lot going for them. They allow for the sanitary use of the same product among several clients. Plus, they offer the easiest method for spreading adhesive coats more evenly and are durable. This vital tool eliminates the issue of shedding brush hairs as well.

2021 Walker Predictions


Set your salon up for success long into the future with these fantastic Walker Tape products. Make an order today by conveniently exploring our online shop or by contacting our Customer Service team. We’re eager to help get these great products in your stylists’ hands!

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