Salon Management: 5 Simple Tips to Make Your Clients Feel Like a VIC at Your Salon


Effective salon management is done by making your clients feel like they are #1. Think of your salon as a club and your clients are VICs (Very Important Clients).

Ask yourself these questions:

What things do clubs offer that you enjoy?

How do these clubs treat their VIP’s?

If champagne service came to mind don’t worry, there is no need to pop champagne for a hair replacement appointment, just try out these 5 simple tips to make your client feel like a VIC at your salon!

1. Offer Beverages

When you are able to offer your clients water or coffee it can make the client feel catered to. If you know what soda the majority of your clients like, stock it! This shows that your salon is paying attention to your specific clients.

2. Offer and Explain Every Option

When it comes to hair replacement, there are a lot of options.  When a new client walks into your salon, they often want to know what services you provide. Whether they have an idea of what they want or are not really sure, providing all options and being able to explain them will help your clients to decide what they want.  If the client does not like the options or needs more information, offer them a brochure and give them some time to think about the service that is right for them.

3. Obsess Over Names

Salon management isn’t tough; just do the same things that would make you feel like a VIC if you were at a salon! Knowing your client’s name is very important when it comes to making your customers feel important. Have you ever been to a BBQ or Party and met a friend of a friend and talked with them for a while. Then six months months go by and you happen to bump into each other at the store and they say “Hey, Sally! So nice to see you again, how are you?” and  you realize that the person took the time to know and remember you? Your opinion of that person automatically goes up and you feel more important.

If you are not yet nailing names and being hands on with your clients, make it a priority. Don’t use “I’m not good with names” as an excuse. There are great ways to learn names fast and easy tips online. Spend some time researching these tips and be sure that you and everyone in your salon remembers customers.

4. Send Hand Written Cards

Hand written letters are very rare in today’s technology run age. Out of all the bills and junk mail you receive everyday from your mailbox, isn’t it nice when you see a handwritten letter? Someone sat down and took the time to write you a letter either saying thank you, happy birthday, or even letting you know they hope you have a great day. It feels nice, right? Well you can easily apply this to your salon by sending out thank you notes to new clients or even sending a note on their birthday. Be creative! It may seem like a lot of work but it really can make a difference in someone’s day and give them a stronger connection to your salon.

5. Take Pictures of Your Client After the Appointment

In the age of social media, it is important to show off your work and make sure the client is happy with the end results. If the client loves their look, knock two birds with one stone by taking a picture to post on your social media platforms! This way, you’re showing off your work, and your client feels like a VIC because they know other people will be looking at their hair saying, “Wow, they look great!”.

We hope you can implement these salon management tips to improve your business. If you have tips of your own to share or would like to let us know how these tips helped your salon, please comment below!

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