Signature Tape: So Thin, So Strong, So Walker

Walker Signature Tape: So Thin, So Strong, So Walker - Graphic

Walker Signature Tape: A Breakthrough in Maximum Wear Tapes.


Hair system tape has come a long way since its inception (with the help of Walker Tape®, of course). Quality and delivery are more consistent, and tapes have adapted and improved to keep up with the newest versions of hair systems and wigs.


Maximum Wear tapes are a product hair system wearers have been clamoring for now more than ever. Not only for the long-lasting hold they provide, but also to achieve a natural look for their system and scalps.


Over the years, Maximum Wear tape has become thinner, duller, and able to hold for longer. One tape that’s led the way for all of these advancements? Walker Signature Tape.


The Thinnest Maximum Wear Tape on the Market


Most Maximum Wear tapes have an average thickness of 11 millimeters. Walker Signature Tape comes in at almost half that size – 6.5 millimeters! That’s roughly 40% less than most other Maximum Wear tapes! This allows for wearers to have their system sit more comfortably on their head while looking more natural.


That’s one of the big benefits of thinner tapes – that natural look. This tape makes it look like the system is part of your scalp, and is able to give the best of both worlds in strength and thinness.


Thinner tapes also come with a much easier clean up process. With less residue than most other maximum wear tapes, Walker Signature Tape comes off and cleans up without a hitch.


The Strongest 4+ Week Tape on the Market


Strength is the other shiny side of the coin for Walker Signature Tape.


Though most people equate thinner with weaker, innovations in hair system tape have made this statement false. Although it comes in at 6.5 millimeters thick, Walker Signature Tape is built with the strength of our Ultra Hold tape.


And with proper system installation care that we’ll cover below, you can boost the maximum strength of Walker Signature Tape, guaranteeing the best bond for your clients.


Products to Use Alongside Walker Signature Tape


Preparation Products


To achieve the best bond possible for Walker Signature Tape, we recommend:


Bond Breaker Shampoo: Bond Breaker effectively removes any residual stickiness or oils. It gets the hair incredibly clean, and ready for each new install.


Max Hold Sport: This scalp protector shields against irritation, increases hold times, and defends against sweat, oils, and humidity. This product allows wearers to work out or shower right after install without compromising hold times or strength.




Walker Signature Remover: Medical-grade, organic, and fast acting, Walker Signature Remover was created specifically to pair with Walker Signature Tape. It’s gentleness and quick removal makes removing Walker Signature Tape easier than ever.


Walker Tape® has always led the way in breakthroughs and invasions when it comes to hair system adhesives and care products. That will continue to be so with products like Walker Signature Tape.

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