Signature Tape: So Thin, So Strong, So Walker


Signature Tape: Getting into the Thick of the Latest Wig Tech

In the information age, a word like thin gets a lot of play. Apple alone has spent a solid decade churning out the puns, each one stretching the concept, well, thinner and thinner. And while a laptop fitting into a manila envelope can seem random, in the world of wig tech, a product’s thinness can be the difference between a natural look and a dead giveaway.

As stylists, this design challenge will look all too familiar: how do we make something that sits on the scalp look like the scalp itself? And not too long ago, when hair systems were thicker and bulged more awkwardly, you had quite the feat to pull off. Now, as the skin and mesh technologies are becoming thinner and thinner, you can spend more of your creative energy on other important styling challenges.

Case in point, advances in both lace and poly hair systems have led to incredibly lifelike appearances. But these advancements will have limited effect unless the products holding them together follow suit.

Keeping up with the hair replacement industry’s latest innovations is a vital goal of any company, but at Walker Tape, we also insist on leading the way to even more breakthroughs.

Signature Tape Breakthrough #1: The Thinnest 4+ Week Tape on the Market

Most Maximum Wear tapes average a thickness of 11 mils. Signature Tape, by comparison, is 6.5 mils thin. That’s more than 40% thinner than most other 4+ week tapes, meaning your clients’ wigs will sit more than 40% more naturally on their scalps.

And speaking of looking natural, Signature Tape is essentially invisible. We combined Ultra Hold Tape’s famous dullness with Signature’s far thinner material, creating an imperceptible hold, perfect for lace systems.

Also, Signature Tape offers a more natural, comfortable hold. Your clients will feel the difference when they have 40% less tape on their scalps.

And you will see a difference too when it comes time to clean up. As the thinnest 4+ week option on the market, Signature Tape offers the easiest cleanup. Less adhesive means less residue.

Signature Tape Breakthrough #2: The Strongest 4+ Week Tape on the Market

Signature sets a new standard for other tapes to aspire to. It proves wig tapes can both be made thinner and stronger. With all the strength of Ultra Hold and then some, expect Signature Tape to last 4+ weeks through all conditions.

And, by pairing it with Max Hold Sport, you can guarantee Signature’s singular strength for your clients immediately after install.

Signature Tape: Holding Strong to the Walker Name

The spirit of innovation has guided each of Walker Tape’s steps ever since our first were taken in Brent’s basement. We are driven by curiosity and care, always asking the same question: how can we make (you name it!) even better for our customers?

With Signature Tape, we are offering you our very best right now. It is the thinnest, strongest, most natural-looking, most comfortable, easiest-to-clean-up 4+ week tape we can make.

And we look forward to many more years of even more breakthroughs. In a way, we will always keep tinkering in the basement.

But as far as right now is considered, with Signature Tape, know that you are getting the very best.

Products that Pair Best with Walker Signature Tape


Bond Breaker: a must before an install and after removal. Impressively effective, Bond Breaker is a shampoo that removes any residual stickiness or oils. And it gets the hair incredibly clean, ready for each new install.

After a refreshing wash with Bond Breaker, apply Max Hold Sport to the scalp. This will protect the scalp from irritation; increase hold times; protect against sweat, oils, and humidity; and allow your client to work out or shower right after install without compromising hold times or strength.


With Walker Signature Remover, we’ve made sure to pull out all the stops: medical-grade; organic; gentle on skin; a pleasant citrus scent; acts fast; rinses with soap and water; and like the name suggests, it’s created specifically for our Signature Tape.

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