Soft-Bond Silicone Wig and Toupee Adhesive


Soft-Bond is our longest holding Silicone adhesive. It will get you hold times of 3-6 weeks. Soft-Bond is actually a thicker version of Liqui-Tape, which is our popular daily wear silicone adhesive.

Why choose Soft-Bond? We get asked this a lot. Basically we have three long holding options in glues:

1. Ultra Hold  (Acrylic)

2. Soft-Bond (Silicone)

3. Great White / Safe Grip  (Water Based)

We first recommend to try Ultra Hold because it is so popular and works well for many people.  We do find that people want to try alternatives to Ultra Hold so we recommend Soft-Bond and the water based glues: Safe Grip and Great White.

Soft Bond Adhesive by Walker Tape

It will honestly come down to personal preference. It will be a combination of hold time, cleanup and ease of use. So… give Soft-Bond a try!

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