Strong Hold

Strong Hold is an acrylic adhesive with a 1-3 week hold time. It still has a secure hold, but for a shorter period of time than our Maximum Wear adhesives. This is perfect for those who want a shorter hold time but prefer liquid adhesives over tape.



Extended Wear (1-3 weeks) adhesives are great for people who need something stronger than day-to-day wear but aren’t looking for the longest bond either. This is a popular type of adhesive because many people reapply their units in under 2 weeks.


Available Sizes

  • Brush-on .5 oz
  • Brush-on 1.4 oz
  • Squeeze Bottle 4 oz
  • Pint (16 oz)


Ethyl Acetate, Hexane



Close cap tightly. Do not breathe fumes. Store below 90 degrees. Flammable. Test on small area before use.


Other Products We Recommend



Bond Breaker should always be the first step in preparing for an install. Bond Breaker Shampoo breaks down the adhesives, scrubs the skin, and cleans the hair in one step.



C-22 is the #1 adhesive remover we make. Not only is it gentle on skin, but it works FAST. It also has a fresh scent (it’s citrus-based), and it’s easy to rinse with soap and water.

If you’re looking for something with less oily residue, Action is a great option. It is the fastest skin-safe solvent we produce. It will cut through adhesive quickly and will leave very little oily residue.