Summer Wig Maintenance


Wig maintenance can be tough now that summer has officially begun. For wig wearers, this can mean a lot of inconvenience and extra time spent on hair care. Let us help you easily keep your wig looking great with these tips and tricks for the entire summer season.

Concerns over styling issues, proper wig glue or adhesives, and comfort are natural for anyone who wears a wig. Fortunately, it is quite easy to fully enjoy the summer season when properly caring for your wig.

Keeping Your Curls

Humidity is the greatest foe of hairstyles for wigs, extensions, and your natural hair. Many women choose a wig with curls believing that they can straighten the hair with a flat iron and then bring back the curls by wetting it.

This could not be further from the truth. While one may be able to straighten a curly wig with a flat iron, once it gets into the humid air it will turn into a messy frizz. Wetting the hair may help the curls reform but they will never return to their original quality or look.

Instead of choosing a wig or extensions with curls, choose straight options and use a curling iron when desired to give your hair the look you want. The curls will eventually come out, but can be restyled, unlike when your curly wig turns into a ball of frizz.

Synthetic wigs may be a good alternative to natural hair during the summer, especially if you live in a very humid climate. They do not require as much styling and are less susceptible to frizzing.

The Style Matters

Wig maintenance during the summer can cause many wig wearers to fear going outdoors because many wigs become uncomfortable on hot days and may be damaged by the sun. There are many options for cooler wigs in the dog days of summer.

Some wigs, such as capless wigs, are designed to allow greater air circulation on the scalp to keep your head cool. They still provide full cap coverage but have an open wefting around the cap to aid ventilation.

You can still use your preferred wig by styling it differently. Shorter styles or ponytails, updos, and braids can pull the hair away from your neck and the back of your head, keeping you cool.

Pick the Right Adhesive

The right adhesive is KEY to wig maintenance. The greatest fear of any wig wearer is that the humidity will cause their wig adhesive to release and they will lose their wig in public. This is an embarrassing experience and even the thought of it creates a great deal of anxiety, which may even prevent some wig owners from fully enjoying life in the humid months.

With the right wig adhesive, one can enjoy his or her wig for weeks with minimal care. A high-quality extended term hold adhesive is the best way to keep your wig in place.

Water-based wig adhesives are an excellent choice during the summer for numerous reasons. Many are fully waterproof and anti-microbial, allowing them to maintain their grip and freshness for longer periods of time.

Because they are not as harsh on the skin as solvent-based wig adhesive, water-based wig glues are great for those with sensitive skin or allergies. They are also easier to remove, requiring only soap and water instead of solvents. Water-based wig adhesives are easier on those with sensitive noses as well because they have little or no odor.

Because they are waterproof, water-based wig adhesives are resistant to the moisture in the air and on your skin. Those with oily skin often prefer water-based wig adhesives as well.

One can even wear a wig while swimming when using long-term hold adhesives. However, salt water, chlorine, and other chemicals found in the water can permanently damage natural hair wigs. Protect your investment and by wearing a synthetic wig when swimming.

Enjoy the Summer with Freedom

Styling, materials, and choosing the right wig adhesive will make your summer far more enjoyable. Good wig glue will keep its grip through rain or shine and with the right wig and style you will always look your best.

Proper wig maintenance also extends the life of your investment so that you can enjoy many summers with it. For specific questions about how to choose the right wig glue or properly maintain your wig please contact us here.

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