Tape Roll Clamshells


For more than 30 years, we’ve been wrapping all of our tape rolls by hand. We spent the last few months of 2016 developing a new packaging solution to make storage and display easier for our customers. February 1 of this year, we began using tape roll clamshells.

The new tape roll clamshells make it easier to:

  • Display tapes using hanging displays
  • Remove rolls from packaging
  • Store tape after opening

Previously, there weren’t very many attractive options for displaying our rolls in a retail setting. Now, the clamshells feature peg holes so they can be easily merchandised on a hanging display. They also stack well when laying on their sides to give you another easy option for storage and display.

After purchasing tape rolls, customers previously had to remove plastic wrap from the tape. This was often a difficult task because the sides of the tape stuck to the plastic. The clamshells are designed to hold the tape off of the plastic. This prevents the tape from sticking and makes it easy to lift the tape out of the packaging.

One of the biggest issues with wrapping our rolls was the lack of a storage mechanism for after the tape was opened. Tape rolls left in drawers or on shelves easily collect dust and stick to the surfaces they’re stored on. This decreases hold times and makes the tape must less hygienic and reliable overall. Clamshells are the perfect storage solution for keeping rolls clean and preventing them from sticking to particles and surfaces.

When you’re done using your clamshells, don’t forget to recycle them.

Here’s a preview of how our tape roll clamshells look:

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