The Benefits of Using Products Seasonally


Who doesn’t love the changing of the seasons? Each one brings its own holidays, opportunities, and fun. But different seasons also bring different challenges, especially for stylists.


If you’re a stylist who works with hair systems, you know that every season brings different problems for adhesives. This is why it’s a good idea to change which products you use along with the seasons. Different products can work better in different conditions.


But which products work best during each season? Let’s talk about it!


Warm Weather Products


Summer can be especially hard on adhesives. Between sweat and swimming, there are so many things that can break down the adhesive’s hold. This means that you need products that can help strengthen and protect a hold.


This includes products like:


Max Hold Sport


One of the best ways to help protect adhesive from outside forces is with Max Hold Sport. This is our strongest scalp protector. It’s made to create a barrier between the adhesive and anything that could loosen the hold (like chlorinated water).


It’s also:


  • Skin safe
  • Made to create longer lasting hold times


Walker Signature Tape


Warm weather means that many of your clients will be looking to switch to lighter, more breathable systems. These systems are going to be delicate. So, you need a tape that will be kind to them while not shining through.


For this, we recommend Walker Signature Tape. It’s the perfect tape for summertime because it’s:


  • Good to use on all systems
  • Dull, so it doesn’t shine through systems
  • Skin safe for almost every skin type
  • Maximum wear and can be worn for over four weeks


Lace Release


Delicate systems don’t just need gentle tape, they also need removers that aren’t harsh. Lace Release is a good choice for that.


This remover is designed to work quickly, while still being gentle enough for use on even full lace units. It is:


  • Made with an alcohol base
  • Skin safe
  • Residue free


Cold Weather Products


You wouldn’t guess it, but cold weather can also be a problem for tapes. Low temperatures can cause the adhesive on tape to harden. This makes it crack and have a weaker hold.


Plus, colder temperatures can mean wearing sturdier systems, such as polyurethane bases. Tapes designed for more delicate systems may not hold as well.


So, here are some products that work better in the winter:


Ultra Hold Liquid Adhesive


When it comes to cold temperatures, liquid adhesives are often the better way to go. They may harden when you’re out of your salon overnight and the heater is off. But they aren’t going to lose their hold like tapes will. Instead, you just need to gradually warm them up using a safe method (putting the bottle in warm water, for example). Then it should be ready to use!


We have some great liquid adhesives, but one favorite is Ultra Hold. It’s skin safe and dries clear, so it won’t show through a system. It’s also:


  • Able to hold for over four weeks
  • Made with an acrylic base
  • Safe for use on just about any system


C-22 Remover


Working with stronger adhesives and sturdier systems means that you’ll need a strong adhesive remover. Luckily, one of our most popular removers is just that.


C-22 Remover is one of our strongest and fastest acting removers, while being skin safe. It has:


  • An oil base
  • A nice citrus scent
  • The ability to be used on all systems


Just-Rite Positioning Spray


Many liquid adhesives are made to be tacky when ready, meaning they grab hold quickly. So, when working with them it helps to have a safeguard on hand, like Just-Rite Positioning Spray.


This spray is designed to briefly suspend the hold of an adhesive, allowing you time to readjust if needed. Just-Rite Positioning Spray can be used on:


  • Any hair system
  • Just about any skin type


All Weather Products


While certain products do well during specific times of the year, others are great any time. In fact, all the products listed above can be used any time, but they have benefits during certain seasons.


But we also have products that are beneficial all year round. Products like:


Lace Front


An all-time Walker favorite, Lace Front tape is perfect for any situation. It’s a Maximum Wear favorite, so it can be worn for up to four weeks. Plus, it is very dull, so it won’t show through even the thinnest of lace units.


It also:


  • Can be used on any unit
  • Is hypoallergenic
  • Leaves little residue


Bond Breaker Shampoo


A strong shampoo is a great way to help achieve a solid bond. Our Bond Breaker Shampoo can do just that. It’s designed to strip away any leftover adhesive that may be left on the bio hair or the unit. It can also help get rid of any oils and dirt that could get in the way of a hold.


Bond Breaker Shampoo is:


  • Skin safe (but not made for daily use)
  • Safe for all systems
  • An important step in prep


Top-Loc Knot Sealer


One of the best ways to keep clients coming back to you is by taking good care of their units. Time and use can cause the knots holding the hair in place to come loose. You can help prevent that with Top-Loc Knot Sealer. The occasional spray of this could help your client’s system stay usable for longer.


It is:


  • Safe for just about any skin type
  • Made for mesh units
  • Has little odor



If you have any questions about our products, let us know! We’re here to help.


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