Top 4 Reasons Women Wear Wigs


Here are the top 4 reasons why women wear wigs:

Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can be brought on by several factors. Stress, hormonal imbalance,  disease, and medication.


Can be brought on by aging, too little iron, medication,  menopause and hereditary diseases.

Role Playing (Costumes)

Dressing up in costumes is not just for Halloween. Some women like dressing up to reflect their inner selves. They wear wigs so they do not ruin their own hair with heat and styling tools.

Special Events (Weddings)

Some women will opt for a wig on their big day. Having your hair teased and encased in hair spray can take a toll on your natural hair. Wearing a wig causes no damage, and can be done on a dummy head while you get your make-up done.

No matter the reason behind wearing a wig, just know that you are not the only one.  There are such high quality wigs out there, that they look completely natural.

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