Top 5 Tape In Hair Extension Products


If you are new to wearing tape in hair extensions, or thinking about getting tape in hair extensions, there are some essential products that you will need to know about!

1-A great tape! Not all tape in hair extensions come with amazing tape on them. You need a strong holding tape that will last up to 6 weeks. You can see our tapes here

2-An amazing shampoo! You are going to need a shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfate or silicone!  Silicone will loosen your bonds and create build-up!  We have heard that these are some great shampoos to use: Bed head, Racoon, and Ovation Cell Therapy.

3-Remover. When the time comes to take out your extensions, you are going to want an incredible remover so you don’t pull out your clients hair!  You can see our solvents here.

4-A good brush! When you have extensions, you don’t want them to tangle and turn into a rats nest. The best brush to use is a paddle brush with fine bristles.

5-A fabulous leave in conditioner! While you are wearing your hair extensions, you need a conditioner you can spray in to keep your extensions moisturized. We recommend our Leave In Conditioner.

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