Top Priority Hard Bond – Super Glue Style Bonding for Your Wig or Toupee


Top Priority is a big seller for us in our Hard Bond category. Hard Bond glues are like superglue but more flexible. They are used entirely different than Soft Bond Glues.

When you use a Soft Bond Adhesive you are putting glue directly on the skin and unit then pressing firmly together. Soft Bond Adhesive stays flexible at all times.  Hard Bond Glues NEVER touch the skin and dry rigid. They are designed to bond hair stubble to the unit.

To apply, you will shave the hair around the top edge where the wig will touch the hair. This will leave a little hair stubble that you can bond to. The next step is to apply small amounts of Top Priority to the hair stubble and press the wig into place.

Removal is simple but not easy… After about 4 weeks when your customer returns, you basically get small, accurate scissors to get under the unit and cut the customers bonded stubble. This should release the unit and leave you an 1/8″ of hair to re-bond to. Once removed you can use Hard Bond Remover to clean up all the old hard glue bits.

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  1. Sudaba Besmillah on March 22, 2021 at 3:53 pm


    I want to know how is the price for one of these please

    • Monique Morrison on May 25, 2021 at 3:08 pm

      Hello! You first need to apply to become a customer, or you can find a salon/distributor near you here.

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