There are many different types of wigs on the market, making it difficult to decide which type is best for you. So, we put together a quick guide to help you understand the differences between different types of wigs and what to consider when shopping for one.

Types Of Wigs:


1. Full Lace

Types of WigsTypes of Wigs


Full lace units come with different specifications. They are lace units that have urethane strips for adhesives to stick to. You can use Walker’s lace tapes directly on the lace it’s self without the tape shining through the unit.



2. Lace Front


Lace front wigs are exactly what they sound like. They have the lace only in the front of the unit, and the rest of the unit is a thicker cap. The cap may have clips sewn to it, which helps hold the wig securely on the clients head.

Popular Walker Products To Use With Lace Front Wig Types: Lace Front Support Tape & Ultra-Hold Adhesive

3. Monofilament

Monofilament material is a blend of very fine lace material, nylon, and mesh, making it a great wig type for anyone who may have a sensitive scalp. Monofilament materials take on the color of the persons scalp when worn. This is because each hair, on a monofilament wig, is individually hand-tied to the mesh blend, creating a very natural look. As a result, no matter where you part your hair, it looks like the hair is coming out of your own hair follicles. 

Things To Consider When Determining The Best Wig Type For You: 


1. Hair Texture

When shopping for wigs, you’ll also notice that there are different textures of hair, curly, wavy, straight, etc. If you are not going to wear a full wig (meaning portions of your own natural hair will be showing), make sure you match the texture of your own hair.


2. Synthetic Hair Wigs

Synthetic hair is generally less expensive than real human hair. It can be made up of many different hairs and generally doesn’t last very long. You cannot use hot styling tools when wearing a synthetic wig unless you get a ‘heat safe’ version. Either way, you need to treat synthetic hair differently than you would treat real human hair.

Synthetic Hair May Be for You if:

You don’t want to spend as much money

You don’t want to fully style your hair while wearing the wig

You want to use your wig only for the short Term

You want short to mid-length hair


3. Human Hair Wigs

This will be more expensive than synthetic types of wigs. However, the quality will be much higher, it will last much longer and you can style it with heat tools such as a curling iron or a straightener. Keep in mind, the higher quality the hair, the more you will be paying for your wig.

Human hair can come from all over the world: Asia, Africa, China, Europe, etc. Make sure you look into different types of human hair before purchasing your wig.

Human Hair May Be for You if:

You prefer a higher quality texture of hair

You want to be able to change your style

You want to keep a wig for longer than a year

You would like shoulder length or longer hair

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