Scalp Protector Thick

Scalp Protector Thick


Scalp Protector Thick is our go-to for folks who want even more protection than Scalp Protector. Made for customers who have sensitive skin or want longer hold times. Scalp Protector Thick forms a thick protective barrier to prevent irritation from adhesives and tapes. It also improves adhesion and duration of bonds, even in hot and humid weather conditions, and makes for a great option for customers who play sports or have oily skin. It may also be applied to hair systems to improve cleanup. Finally, Scalp Protector Thick lets you get an extremely strong bond right away without the normal 24 hour wait. It comes in a 1.4 oz Dab-on bottle.



Isopropyl Alcohol, Methacrylate Film Former, Dimethylphthalate



Clean skin where tape/adhesive is to be applied with 99% Alcohol. Please keep in mind that you need to press down and break the seal on the sponge before use. Apply Scalp Protector Thick and let dry until it is NOT tacky to the touch. Do not apply to severely irritated skin. Scalp Protector Thick is not meant to replace tape or liquid adhesive.



Do not put near open flame. External use only. Test on a small area before use. Keep away from children. Do not store above 120 degrees. Tighten cap promptly after use.