Walker Signature Reviews

Walker signature reviews

What Do Stylists Think about Walker Signature Tape?

walker signature 12ydWalker Signature Tape is the thinnest tape with a 4+ week hold on the market. It’s a new take on our Ultra Hold tape. It’s revamped formulation and redesigned construction make it thinner and stronger than Ultra Hold, so it’s perfect for lace units. Walker Signature Tape is only 6.5 mils thick!

With this construction and design, you’d be hard pressed to find a more lifelike tape that has a better hold and more comfortable wear experience. Walker Signature Tape has a dull finish, flexible liner, and leaves less residue behind than any of the other Maximum Wear tapes that we offer.

Our product tester program has been going strong for a few months. We’ve had great feedback submitted from our testers about our Walker Signature Tape, but why specifically are stylists including this tape in their kits? See why it’s become a new favorite through a few quotes, highlights, and experiences that come directly from stylists in our product tester program.

the install experienceThe Install Experience

Jennifer Cuaderno Ortiz from Hair By Jennifer:

“I like that it’s easy to peel off of the protective backing. Doesn’t stick to my scissors when I have to cut it.”

Brittany Harris from Pretty Saddity Hair:

“My experience using Walker Signature was great. It provided a great lasting hold & didn’t require any additional hold products.”

How Does Walker Signature Tape Hold?

Ta-Keema Murray from Queen City Hair:

“It’s amazing! I’ve had clients who wore it for 3 1/2 weeks! The tape was still attached to my client’s skin and to the lace of her unit.. very impressive! And the finish was very mattish/dull. Nothing shiny at all. So their units looked very natural.”

Lola Scales from MsLola.com:

“Walker Signature Tapes gave the longest hold my clients had experienced from any adhesive tapes we’d previously used. Bonding times reported were 3 to 6 weeks with an incredible hold that they described as not moving or liquifying as others tended to do. One client experienced a 6- week hold that stayed firmly bonded even when she lightly shampooed her unit weekly on her head.”

cleanup procesThe Clean Up Process

Corina Hidalgo from Salon 26:

“Removal like install…took a few tries to adapt, but once I did, clean up was easy and minimal.”

Anndrea Argyle from Argyle Hair Solutions, LLC:

“This is actually the EASIEST tape that I have ever worked with as far as removal goes. It cleans off quickly, even if it’s somewhat broken down.”

walker tapeA Few Final Thoughts

Robin Griffin from Healthy Hair Alternative:

“I used this tape with and without Ultra hold liquid. Both ways was successful. I really give this tape (two) thumbs up.”

Samantha Barrett from Hair by Samantha B:

“Love your product. It’s the best out there, hands down.”

If you’re interested in receiving free, cutting edge products in exchange for your feedback in the future, apply to become one of our exclusive product testers today. We’d love to know your thoughts on our latest innovations!

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