Weave Styles: 4 Terms You Need to Know


Weave styles can go in and out of style very quickly, so it is very important to know more about hair weaves before choosing them. Here are the top 4 terms you will need to know and think about before purchasing your first weave.

#1 Remy/Remi Hair This is hair that has been cut with the cuticle going in the same direction which allows the hair to tangle less often. This hair also has chemicals in it.

#2 Virgin Hair This is hair that is cut with the cuticle going in the same direction which leads to less tangling. This hair has NO chemicals in it. This hair is more rare than others.

#3 Weft This hair is held together with fine threads. It can either be done with a machine or by hand. Machine wefts are more abundant and less expensive than alternatives. They are more popular because they are natural looking and more durable.

#4 Texture This refers to whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy, frizzy, etc. Make sure you are matching your natural hair texture to your weave. This is a must. Don’t settle for anything else.

We hope these tips on weave styles are useful for you when thinking about purchasing your new weave!

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