Which Tape Should I Be Using?


We have a quite a few different types of tape. But which tape works best with which type of unit?

Lace Front Support Tape

Lace Front Support is our top selling tape. It’s perfect for all types of lace units. It has a great hold and a dull finish.

1522 Clear

3M is a hypo-allergenic tape that is primarily used for Poly Urethane units because it has a slight shine to it. It is also a great tape for medical applications.


Sensi-tak is most popular on Poly Urethane units. It’s easy to apply, has a great hold time, and is easy to clean up.

Ultra Hold Tape

Ultra Hold is our tackiest, longest holding tape. It is a double coated acrylic adhesive. It’s most popular with lace units, due to its long hold and dull finish.

German Brown

German Brown Tape is a cream-colored tape with a brown, mustard colored liner. It has been a standard in the industry for many years.



No-Shine Tape is a leader in maximum wear. With its dull finish, it’s virtually invisible through the unit. Made with Urethane which makes the tape flexible with the skin.

Pro-Flex II

A very popular hypoallergenic tape. Made with Urethane for a very flexible bond. Very popular with our hair extension customers.

Super Stick

Super Stick is known for its high initial tack when placing the unit. A great alternative in the extended wears.

Base Tape

Base Tape is used between the unit and the more aggressive two-sided tape for easier removal. Also used to temporarily repair damaged units.

Want to try out some of these great tapes? You can get a wholesale price list here. Have questions for us? You can contact us here.


  1. Ria Lindauer on June 12, 2020 at 2:00 pm

    My name is Ria Lindauer, and I am a retail buyer who is having difficulty finding your excellent tapes. I am interested in purchasing “Ultra Hold” and “No-Shine” double-sided tapes. Might I purchase these items from you? (I currently have about 10 pieces left from a 36 pcs bag, and desperately need to find more quickly.) Thank you.

    • Emily Nikolaisen on June 22, 2020 at 4:10 pm

      Hello Ria! Unfortunately, we aren’t able to sell directly to retail customers. However, you can try our Find A Salon/Distributor resource to find a stylist in your area that may be able to help. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to our customer service team. Thank you!

  2. Marcos on September 20, 2020 at 1:47 am

    Hello! Which one for an UTS unit? Some of them are very dificult to detach from the unit.Thank you.

    • Emily Nikolaisen on September 23, 2020 at 11:48 am

      Hello Marcos! From what you’re describing, it sounds like you’re working with a polyurethane system.

      If you’re looking for short-term tapes that would be easier to remove, we’d recommend 1522 Clear, Natural Hold, Sensi-Tak Select, Easy Green, or Duo-Tac. Duo-Tac is our easiest to remove from poly systems if following the “Poly: This Side to Scalp” instructions, while also potentially having the longest hold of our shorter term tapes. But if you’re working with an ultra thin unit, you might want to go with Duo-Tac Thin. These tapes tend to remove without leaving much residue and also have a stiffer carrier to make it easier to remove the tape in one piece.

      If you’re looking for a longer hold, we would recommend Walker Signature Tape. It’s our thinnest long-term option and also leaves less adhesive residue. You could also give No-Shine a try. No-Shine’s bond isn’t quite as strong as Ultra Hold or Extenda-Bond Plus when first applied, but the hold ends up building to be as strong as Ultra Hold when all is said and done. No-Shine also tends to be slightly easier to remove as well.

      We hope this was helpful, and if you have further questions, please contact us! Thank you!

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