Why Isn’t Ultra Hold Tape Shiny? The FingerPrint


Ok so you’re probably familiar with Ultra Hold Tape by now. The #1 holding tape in the hair replacement market. The reasons it’s #1 is simple:

  • Longest Hold Times
  • Easy To Cleanup
  • Great Price
  • Available in ALL roll sizes, and standard shapes

BUT! The thing that really sets this tape apart from the others is the

The fingerprint is what makes the tape dull when light hits it, and if your tape is dull nobody is going to know you’re wearing a wig. It’s that simple.

Check out these pictures of the fingerprint on our tape.

Notice how the fingerprint breaks up the reflection. That’s big, and it means a lot for your confidence when you’re wearing a lace front wig.

Here’s a link to the Ultra Hold Tape Page for more info about it.

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