Why You Need to See A Hair Stylist After 6 Weeks


You just got your hair extensions in and have made a maintenance appointment set for 6 weeks out. No matter how you feel at that 6 week point, you have to keep that appointment. If you are going to spend the time and money to get your hair extensions installed, you need to care for them as well. You can follow every tip we have given you, but if you do not keep up with your stylist on maintaining your extensions, you are going to end up with a mess! We recently had a young lady come to us and ask us to remove her extensions. Her extensions had been in for 3 months with no follow up visits to her salon.

This is what we had to work with:

Here you can see the extensions are all over the place. With them being grown out so much, we can’t tell if they were installed correctly, or just put in all over the place. Some of the extensions had slipped off the tape and were only hanging on because they were tangled.

They had grown out about 3 inches. This picture shows where her extensions sat when they were first put in.

When we went to use a solvent to remove them, we decided to use C-22 because it’s oily and would help with the knots.

After your hair extensions have been in past 6 weeks, the tape starts to break down and is harder to remove. After 8 weeks, the tape will no longer stick on the extension, but will stick to the sandwiched piece of tape. As you can see, the extension is out of the clients hair but the tape remains.

When you have just the tape to work with, it takes a lot more time to get out. Using our C-22 which is generally a quick removal process, it still took us an hour to get her extensions out. After removing all the residue, we used our Leave In Conditioner to help re-moisturize the client’s hair.

After you have installed extensions on a client, or if you are a client with new extensions, take these photos into consideration. Not only are you going to spend more time in the chair than you need to and mostly likely spend more money than you need to, but it can also cause you to lose more hair than normal due to entanglement.

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