Why You Should Research Your Stylist

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We had a client come in once who’d had her extensions in for two weeks, but they had started falling out after the first day. We wish she would have researched her stylist before paying to get tape in extensions installed!

What happened

  • The stylist used 1″ wide pieces of tape. There is never a reason to use tape this wide for hair extensions.
  • When she was getting her extensions in, the stylist held the heat on weft until it started to smoke, this caused her hair to burn, leaving her dead hair held in by the tape. Because of this, it fell out when we took out the extensions. You should only place heat on the weft for 1-2 seconds to cure the tape.
  • As we were removing the tape, we noticed that when the extensions had fallen out and needed to be replaced, the stylists did not remove the tape, she put new tape over the old tape. There is no reason to do this! No only does it add unnecessary bulk and annoyance, it is unhygienic and reduces hold time.  ALWAYS remove the old tape before re-applying tape to extensions.

We want to be sure that this experience doesn’t happen to you. That is why we created a list to help you research your stylist.

Ways to research your stylist

  • Google them. Look for reviews. Find people who have gotten extensions from that stylist before and see what they have to say. Make sure they are certified for hair extensions!
  • Research and learn how extensions are supposed to be installed before you pay to get them installed.

How to Install Tape In Extensions

  • Make sure your stylist is using quality tape. Our Duo-Pro, No-Shine, and Pro-Flex II tape were created specifically for tape in extensions. You can see them here.
  • Set up a consultation. Nervous about what to ask your stylist? Check out our blog entry, Feel Confident During Your Consultation, it gives great tips and questions to ask your stylist!

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