Wig Adhesive: How to Choose the Right One


Selecting a wig adhesive best suited for your needs may seem easy, but with all of the options available it can be overwhelming for the uninitiated. Of course, the first person to discuss wig adhesives with should always be your stylist. We want this simple guide to serve as the start of that conversation so you understand what questions to ask and can translate some of the jargon in the answers.

Each wig adhesive responds differently to various climates and lifestyle demands, so before talking to your stylist about which one to choose, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • How long will you wear your wig?
  • What sort of climate do you live in? Humid? Dry? Temperate? Hot? Cold?
  • Think about the seasons: you will need a different product for winter, spring, summer and autumn
  • Does the forecast call for rain or shine?
  • What are the specific demands of your lifestyle? Are you an athlete? Office worker under air conditioning all day?

Write out these questions and discuss them with your stylist. They will truly appreciate the effort you have put into researching your wig care and you will be sure to have a positive experience with your wig.

Water-Based or Solvent-Based?

The wig adhesive industry is rapidly changing as new technologies are developed and products are created to meet the changing needs of stylists and wig wearers. When you have the answers to the questions above, you are well on your way to figuring out what type of glue to use.

Traditionally, wig adhesives are solvent-based, much like other types of glue. This technology has been around for a while and some excellent products exist that will ensure a tight hold for extended wear.

These types of wig glues require the use of specialized preparation solutions before application and solvents for removal. Those new to wig wearing get a little skittish when they see the list of chemicals needed to apply and remove a wig. Yet the technology used to fabricate these products has evolved with these concerns in mind and Walker offers some of the gentlest wig preparation and removal products available.

Despite the advanced application and removal products available, some customers with very sensitive skin or a condition like eczema or psoriasis may still experience dryness and irritation. Some people even have mild allergic reactions to these chemicals, which are uncomfortable, and impact the length of time they can wear their wig with comfort.

Fortunately, these concerns have led to the development of excellent water-based wig adhesives that are much gentler on the skin and offer many additional benefits. Water-based adhesives are generally easier to apply and some offer hold times comparable to their traditional counterparts.

One advantage of water-based adhesives is that they are easy to apply and remove. They require less preparation and can be removed with soap and water. This is ideal for those with extra-sensitive skin who want to reduce the amount of product they use on their scalps.

A water-based adhesive will go on clear and is not stringy like the traditional solvent-based alternative. This makes for an attractive appearance that requires very little touch up.

However, even the strongest water-based adhesive will not last as long as the traditional alternatives. If you do not have very sensitive skin or any allergies and want to wear your wig for more than two months, the solvent-based adhesives could be a better choice.

Traditional solvent-based adhesives will require fewer trips to the salon, which is why they remain so popular. As always, talk these alternatives over with your stylist because they know your scalp almost as well as you do and can offer advice tailored to your needs.

Consider the Climate and Your Lifestyle

As discussed earlier, each wig adhesive responds to weather and certain climates differently, and we know that wig wearers come from every walk of life and live in every type of climate. Discuss your lifestyle with your hair care specialist to help them better understand the kind of adhesive you need for the best results.

Swimmers and athletes involved in aquatic sports will want a waterproof adhesive, even if they wear a cap while in the water. Moisture can get under even the best cap and may compromise the integrity of your wig’s hold.

The sun and humidity not only do damage to the wig but also may compromise the adhesive. Consider the moisture level in the air and talk to your stylist about how to keep your wig feeling fresh in even the stickiest conditions.

Above All: Consult Your Stylist!

When it comes to your wig adhesive, your stylist has the training and expertise to help you make the right choice for your skin and wig type. This might seem redundant, but we really cannot stress this point enough.

There is a reason you go to the salon for applying and removing your wig and one should never attempt to do either of these processes at home. While DIY might be the American-way, you will end up spending more time and money than you anticipated and end up sitting in your stylist’s chair anyway.

Have your stylist check out our full line of products. We know they and their clients will love our products and will not regret the choice to go with Walker wig adhesives.

For more information on caring for your wig and wig maintenance, look here!

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