Wig Care Quick Tips and Tricks


Worrying about wig care can make you unsure about some of the information out there. The internet has a ton of information on how to keep up, maintain, and care for your wig, but we have years of experience with wigs and wig products. Because of this, you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re in good hands. Below are some quick tips and tricks for great wig care.

1. Always have two wigs ready to wear at all times. This way you always have something to wear when you are washing your wig and a back-up if anything should happen to one. Rotating between wigs also helps to extend the life.

2. The material used for lace front wigs tends to be coarser than the lace found in clothing. If lace front wigs are causing you to itch, we recommend you dab a bit of scalp protector on the underside of the lace. The scalp protector will keep the wig from moving and will act as a buffer at your hairline.

3. If you use hair spray or other styling products, try to avoid those that contain alcohol. These products dry out the hair in your wig. Styling products create build up on the hair of your wig and it’s recommended that a deep cleanser be used every two weeks or so to remove buildup. If you need to use hair spray, consider using a product that is specifically designed for wigs.

4. You must use only dedicated and specially formulated wig care products like shampoos, conditioners, and brushes. Often you come across certain products advertised as being mild and delicate. These are DEFINITELY not suitable for your wigs. They will make your wig dull and cause it to lose it’s color.

5. Do not use a hair brush with nylon bristles, especially on curly wigs. These can destroy the curls.

6. Avoid damaging agents. Excessive heat and cold can play havoc with your wig. Stay away from  direct heat from ovens and blow dryers, especially when wearing synthetic wigs.

7. If you are caught in the rain, snow or steam like conditions just wait for your wig to dry before you do anything.

8. Avoid friction. It’s preferred that you remove your wig when sleeping, (easier said than done right?)  Friction with the pillow, headrests, or high furniture can cause wear and tear and cut short the life of your wig. If you wear your wig to bed, use a silk pillowcase and/or wrap a scarf bandana around your wig. This will decrease friction on the wig while sleeping.

Following some of these tips and tricks will help you keep your wig looking new longer and save you money!

If you have any more questions about taking care of your wig, please let us know here. If you would like to purchase products for you or your clients wig, become a wholesale customer by clicking here.



  1. Claire L Wierzbicki on April 17, 2022 at 1:11 pm

    I have a synthetic wig that i had cut. It is now very itchy at the nape of the neck . Can i buy a product or do anything to soften the hair filament . Thanks

    • Monique Morrison on April 21, 2022 at 10:41 am

      Hello! Because we don’t sell hair, we just sell the adhesives and removers, we’d suggest talking to your hair replacement stylist who can help trim and shape the hair system to fit your scalp and reduce irritation. If you don’t have a hair replacement stylist, you can use our Find A Stylist tool that will help locate one in your area. Thank you!

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