Will Glue Help Boost Hold Times on Tape-In Hair Extensions?

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We get lots of questions and this one has been creeping up more and more.

“Will glue help boost hold times on hair extensions?” or “If I add glue to my extension tape will I get longer hold times?”

We advise against doing this.

If you need to add glue to the tape to get the hold time you want, something else is wrong. That is why you buy good extension tape to begin with, because it already has the right type and amount of glue. Adding glue as a booster to your Pro-Flex IINo-Shine, and Duo Pro Tape, or any other tape for that matter, can cause problems later with removal. Just because different types of glue hold for longer times does not mean adding them to your tape will be good for your hair. For increased hold time, try our Ultra-Hold tape tabs. These will stay in the clients hair for 4-6 weeks.

Imagine just slapping on some superglue to give your extension tape a boost. Sure it might add hold, but how much damage are you doing to your hair and how are you going to remove it?

That is why we do not recommend adding glue as a booster.

If you are having an issue with hold times there are some better ways to improve your experience. Try applying heat while you install the extensions.

Usually hold time issues come down to how a client cares for their extensions. Help them out by giving them the advice found in our blog post about how to keep your extensions looking great.

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