New Silicone Wig Clips Available Now (Bonus: Wig Clip Sewing Tutorial)


Wig clips are clips with a small comb that help to secure hairpieces to areas where your clients have natural hair, similar to clip-in extensions. The comb helps the clip attach very securely and can be helpful in many ways. You can use them in place of glue or tape if your client has natural hair around the perimeter of their head. This gives them a lot of flexibility with their hairpiece, especially if they will be taking it on and off throughout the day for any reason.

Clips can also be used in addition to tapes or glues. If your client has areas where they have natural hair as well as areas where they do not, clips are a great option for keeping the unit in place over the natural hair. A common example would be a client who has hair along the sides and back of their scalp but has lost the hair along the front of their hairline. In this scenario, you would attach clips to the back of the unit, apply tape or adhesive as you normally would to places where the scalp is exposed, and use clips to secure the back of the unit to their natural hair.

We have offered clips for many years. However, we only offered silicone on our silver clips. Many people prefer to use clips that match the color of the hair on the unit, helping them to be less visible. We have had a lot of requests for silicone clips in other colors. As of this month, we are excited to now offer silicone on all colors of clips we offer: silver, brown, black, and white.

These clips are made of flexible metal and have a small piece of silicone along the top of the clip on the side that faces the hairpiece. The silicone helps the clip to stay in place and prevents it from sliding on the unit after it’s attached. We offer three sizes of clips in each color. Our small clips measure 2.2 cm. Medium clips measure 2.8 cm. Large clips measure 3.2 cm. Each size of the clip has a six finger comb. All of our clips are sold by the dozen. You can find them in our online store here.

Benefits of Using Wig Clips

  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Hold securely
  • Can be left on permanently or be easily removed when desired
  • Work well for long or short term wear
  • Reusable – you can apply and remove as many times as desired
  • Can be used in conjunction with tapes and/or adhesives

How to Install Wig Clips

You can also see this process in the video below.

1. Determine the clip color you’ll use.

This is easy. Just use the color that is closest to the primary color of the hairpiece you’re attaching the clips to.

2. Determine the size you’ll need.

This depends on the size of your unit and where you will attach the clips. The nice part about attaching the clips yourself is that it gives you the ability to place them exactly where the client needs them. If the unit is slipping from the sides, you’ll want smaller clips to clip the unit near the temples. If it’s slipping from the back, you’ll want larger clips to place on the back of the perimeter. The size will also depend on whether you’re using the clips on a unit for a child or an adult. You may want to get all three sizes so that you can see how they work with your unit.

3. Sew the clips to the unit.

To do this you will need a needle and thread. Match the thread color to the color of the unit and clip you are using. Place the clip with the silicone side down and toward the perimeter of the unit. The comb should be facing the middle of the unit. Use lock stitches to sew the unit to the holes in the clip. The video below will teach you how to use a lock stitch to keep the clip in place.

4. Attach the unit using the clips.

To attach the clips to your client’s hair, you’ll first press the middle of the clip from the back to open it. Next, you’ll place the unit where you would like it to sit on the head, locking the combs through the hair as you do so. Next, apply pressure to the sides of the clip through the unit to close the clip.

5. Hair Unit Removal

To remove the hair unit when using clips you’ll simply press on the middle of the clips through the hairpiece to open them and remove them from the hair.

6. Clip Removal

If at any point you want to remove the clips that are sewed to a hairpiece, carefully cut the stitches and pull the clips free. Be sure to remove any small pieces of thread that may still be attached to the unit.

Bonus: Wig Clip Sewing Tutorial – See How It’s Done

You can purchase these clips through our online store here or by contacting our customer service department over the phone or by email. If you have any questions about clips or any of our other products, please contact us at 800.759.5150 or at [email protected].

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