Why Use Heat on Tape-In Extensions?


Ever wondered “why use heat on tape in extensions?”  Here is the answer: applying heat can help cure the tape, giving it a tighter, stronger hold, but that isn’t the whole story! The stronger and longer hold is a great thing for some people! With that said, for most people it is not necessary. Extensions are meant to be removed after a certain amount of time to help keep your natural hair healthy. Long hold times are great so long as they aren’t at the expense of your natural hair.

Whether or not it’s even safe to apply heat to extensions depends on the type of hair used. Natural hair is perfectly fine to apply heat to. Synthetic hair can be more problematic. Because there are many types of synthetic hair, we cannot tell you specifically how each type handles heat. What we can say is TEST! If you aren’t sure how much heat a synthetic extension can handle or if using heat will make the removal process more difficult, don’t do it.

If your client does not need heat applied to get the hold times they need, then it may be a wasted effort during the install. Each person is different so find out what works best for you and your clients.

If you want to apply heat to your tape-in extensions, be sure to apply the right amount! Below we will give you the right tips to help you apply this to our Duo ProPro-Flex II and No Shine Tape!

1. Check your flat iron and make sure it is on MEDIUM HEAT. You do not want it too hot!

2. After installing the tape in extensions, using a flat iron on medium heat, clamp the 2 pieces for ONLY 1-2 seconds! The heat makes the tape expand and grab onto the hair, then shrink back with a stronger, more flexible hold.

3. After you have put heat on the tape, press the tape FIRMLY together with your fingers, starting at the middle and working towards the ends. If you do not press firmly, water can get in between the pieces and shorten the hold time and/or cause bacteria growth.

As always, if you try to install your extensions at home make sure you consult with a professional stylist first.

Tape-In Tip

If a person consistently has issues with slippage or shorter hold times, ask questions about how they care for their hair while wearing extensions. The way a customer cares for their extensions is the single most important factor in hold times.

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