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For over 30 Years, Walker Tape has been providing the best tape, glue, and solvent in the hair replacement industry.  When it comes to wigs and toupees, our products have been trusted by the very best salons and stylists around the world.  We invite you to see for yourself what makes Walker Tape different from all the rest.

Are you a stylist?  Learn why you should become a Walker Tape Wholesale Customer.

Are you a salon owner?  Learn why you should become a Walker Tape Wholesale Customer.

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Action Solvent - Goodbye Sticky

Product Spotlight: Action

We make several solvents to fill a variety of needs. This gives you options to ensure you find a solvent that works for your adhesive as well as for your preferences. Some stylists prefer a quick-working oil based solvent while others prefer a solvent with quicker...
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Max Hold Sport is the ultimate preparation product

Product Spotlight: Max Hold Sport

As we’ve discussed on our blog many times… preparation truly is key for getting the hold times you and your clients are looking for. The preparation products we make increase hold times, reduce irritation, and make wearing a wig more pleasant for your clients. In...
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Walker Tape Roll Clamshell Tape Packaging

Tape Roll Clamshells

For more than 30 years, we’ve been wrapping all of our tape rolls by hand. We spent the last few months of 2016 developing a new packaging solution to make storage and display easier for our customers. February 1 of this year, we began using tape roll...
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Use online content from others to enhance your offering on social media.

How to Correctly Use Online Content from Others to Benefit Your Business

No matter which social media platforms you’re using, it’s important that everything you share, like or comment on builds your brand instead of breaking it down. So how do you have enough content to be in front of you followers regularly? It’s important to create and...
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